Welcome, Big Cat Lovers

Cats are some of the most inspiring animals on the planet. They have managed to adapt to different environments, about as well as humans have. They cover a huge number of different areas and spaces. And the domestic cat has been living with mankind since ages. Where cats used to be kept so they could catch mice, now they fulfill a different role.

We keep cats because they keep us company. That sounds a little contradictory. But that is mostly because of the word used. All over the world, people enjoy keeping cats in or around their house and the cats don’t seem to mind either. They are treated to all kinds of good food and toys.

Some people like to keep a different kind of cat. It’s often said that bigger is better, and this might be true when it comes to cats. The power and greatness of a big cat is difficult to describe. If you have ever seen a lion in the wild, you know what I mean. It’s a little difficult to keep a lion in the house, but there are other options. Feral cats and lynx related cats are a lot bigger than normal domestic variants. And these are the ones we are featuring on this site.

It’s good to see you here.

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